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Digital Retina Photography

Digital Retina Photography Lowes and Partners

We also have digital retina photography which provides a permanent record and benchmark of the health of the back of the eye.


Such techniques are essential particularly if you have a personal or family history of conditions such as diabetes, vascular disease or hypertension and similarly in ocular conditions such as glaucoma and macular degeneration.


These two conditions are associated with the normal ageing process. Early detection improves the outcome. The sooner it is discovered the sooner any treatment can begin leading to a better result for the client. 



Computer Visual Field Analysis

This procedure enables us as never before to very accurately and reproducibly measure the sensitivity of peripheral vision. This is important because disease may affect our peripheral vision first and we may easily miss the early warning signs.


Field analysis, in common with retinal photography, enables the detection of conditions of which otherwise we may have been unaware and hence allows for early referral for specialist care and a better outcome. 


Lowes & Partners strongly advise clients to have regular eye examinations, including tonometry to measure the pressure in the eye, computerised screening of peripheral vision and photographs of the eye.