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Contact Lens availability during shut down period

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Due to Covid-19 we have had to, unfortunately, shut the doors to Lowes & Partners temporarily. At this stage will have been advised to close for a minimum of 4 weeks but we will not be reopening until we are advised it is safe to do so. 


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Presbyopia makes it difficult to see objects up close, affecting tasks like reading and sewing.

My Poor Eyes

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"When I heard that there were new lenses out that cared for eyes from all this blue screen damage we are exposed to today, I couldn’t grasp how amazing this must be… until I have been living in them for a couple of months and now I couldn’t do without them."

Check out what Pip Mannagh has to say about the new Eyezen lenses!

- SAVVY Magazine Editor, Social Media Mentor / Coach, LIKED MEDIA - 

Unleash Your Inner Sparkle

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Eyewear has always been a huge player in the fashion industry. Whether prescription or sunglasses you need to pick what suits your face shape, style, usage and season as well as the latest trends in eyewear fashion.

See what Brooke Gibson - Style Coach has to say about eyewear styles.

Lowes & Partners In the News - Camera Obscura

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What is Camera Obscura?

When someone talks about seeing through another person's eyes, you wouldn't generally take that in a literal sense. Take a step inside the human eye, see what Creative Junction Author Pippa Bourke has to say.

Are we blind to the effects of Macular Degeneration?

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Macular Degeneration is the leading cause of blindness in New Zealand (to you and I, that’s going blind with old age). I can hear you saying now, ‘that’s old people - not me’, but therein lies the problem- macular degeneration can start at any point.

Lowes & Partners - In the News!

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Do you get sore eyes looking at a computer screen? 
Lowes & Partners were recently featured in an article in the Creative Junction Magazine. See what editor Pippa Bourke has to say.

Why cheap glasses can cost you in the long run

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With rising prices of just about everything, cheap glasses can seem like a way to cut costs in our daily lives. What you may not realise is that there are many factors to consider when finding the right pair of glasses for you and your lifestyle – something that online stores selling cheap glasses do not take into account.