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My Poor Eyes

My Poor Eyes

When I heard that there were new lenses out that cared for eyes from all this blue screen damage we are exposed to today, I couldn’t grasp how amazing this must be… until I have been living in them for a couple of months and now I couldn’t do without them.


There is a new product called Eyezen; I bought them from Lowes and Partners Optometrists in Whangarei. They are designed for people who spend a lot of their time on devices such as computers, phones, tablets, television and it helps prevent eye fatigue and eye damage from harmful blue light which is emitted from these devices.

The relief was instant. However, I will start at the beginning…

If you are a sufferer of migraines, you would now how easy it is to give up hope for a cure. They can rule your life. No, I’m not cured of this monthly pain in my life, unfortunately however, I have found the one thing that works to make a difference and dull the aches.

It’s amazing what we expose our eyes too. They do all the work without us realising, and I know from my experience I spent only a portion of time on a screen years ago, as compared to this digital age.

I wondered why I would always feel tired after work. I was experiencing dry eyes, a sore head and dull pressure in my temples. I sometimes knew I needed to turn the screen off, but how hard is this to do sometimes? This is my work. For a long time it then lead me to being a grumpy mum, wife and ready for bed at 7:30pm just to give my eyes a break.

I jumped on in and tried them out. It did sound to good to be true. Don’t you love it when you think this and then you realise that you have just tapped into something amazing!?

These lenses have assisted me with my eye strain on another level, they really have. As soon as I tried them on, I felt the difference and have committed to my new look ever since. I wasn’t in need of glasses for my eyesight specifically; these are purely for the purposes they are designed for, blue screen relief.

And… they look so good that I also wear them driving, in meetings and where ever else I want to look a little bit trendy and intelligent. As you do.

(The hardest part was what frames to choose!)

I am one VERY happy customer!

Pip x

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