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Spec Lenses - Picking The Right Lenses For You

At Lowes & Partners we pride ourselves on giving you all of the information you need to pick the best lenses for your lifestyle.

We have put together a few examples of how different lenses, coatings and prescription safety glasses can help you.

Single Vision Lenses - Caitlyn

These lenses have the same focal point throughout the lens (from top to bottom). Most people under 40 who wear glasses have single vision lenses.


Caitlyn is 5 and has the symptoms of a child needing vision correction. After a visit to one of our friendly optometrists they found she needs correction for her near vision.


Caitlyn has been fitted with single vision reading glasses so that she has the best possible start for her learning.


Progressive Lenses - Phillip

These lenses gradually get stronger in power from top to bottom but do not have a visible line like a bifocal. Ideal for someone who needs correction for distance and near vision.


With three areas of correction, near, intermediate and distance, progressives are the perfect solution for Phillip who has worn glasses for the last 30 years.


As an electrician, progressive lenses help Phillip in all areas of his life and give him the freedom to work and do all of the things he loves to do with one pair of glasses.

Progressive Lenses - Kim

Kim has just turned 45 and has been diagnosed with presbyopia. The ideal lenses for Kim are interview lenses or enhanced near lenses.


With the largest near area possible for reading and a large intermediate zone for any computer work, it will offer Kim the most flexibility for her lifestyle.


Progressive Lenses - Dean

Dean has also started to notice a change in his reading but as a busy office manager he needs his glasses to help with his reading and his computer work.


The best solution for Dean is Enhanced Computer lenses. With a bigger area dedicated to the intermediate vision it is perfect for working on the computer all day.

Coatings - Julie

As a busy mum, Julie spends a lot of time running around after them, so the added protection of Crizal UV Forte helps prolong the life of her lenses by providing scratch, smudge, dust and water resistance as well as protecting her eyes with clinically proven sun protection.


Coatings - Bill

As well as the UV Sun protection given by Crizal UV Forte, you can have the freedom off doing all those things you love outside by having photochromic lenses.


Transitions adaptive lenses darken in the sun so Bill has no excuses when he plays a bad shot.

Prescription safety glasses - Sam

Safety glasses are a key part of Sam's life as an engineer going on to busy job sites. The polycarbonate lenses in his prescription safety glasses meet AS/NZS 1337.6:2007. To make his safety glasses more affordable in the long run, Sam has opted for safety glasses where the prescription is inserted behind the plastic. This means when the certificate to meet the standard expires after 12 months, Sam does not need to buy a complete new set of safety glasses, just replace the inexpensive outer.